You Could Win Fair Trade Chocolate for a year!

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Enter a draw to win Fair Trade Chocolate for a year

One of the first projects I had the opportunity to lead here at Assiniboine Credit Union, was our participation in the Fair Trade One Month Challenge, so I was honoured when I was asked to appear in a video for the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) to talk about ACU’s role in promoting the Fair Trade Movement.

Watch and Win!


Check out ACU’s “Making a Difference” video before February 23 and at the end of it you will be given an opportunity to enter a draw to win Fair Trade Chocolate for a YEAR!!

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is an approach to global trade that ensures that the principles of fairness and equity are respected as part of every transaction. Practically this means that the people who produce the products we enjoy like coffee, chocolate, and tea, are paid a fair price. A “fair price” is one that ensures farmers and their families earn enough from their harvest to afford decent and secure housing, have enough to eat and can send their children to school. Fair Trade is about building a global marketplace where even small producers in under-developed countries have enough negotiating power to earn an income that improves the quality of their lives.

ACU Makes a Difference

Through Assiniboine’s involvement, I have learned a lot about the Fair Trade movement and global benefits of choosing fair trade products where available.  I’m not the only one. Over the years ACU has supported a number of MCIC’s efforts to promote Fair Trade. Hundreds of ACU employees and thousands of our members have participated in our various challenges and campaigns.

Broken Cocoa Pod in the Hands of a FarmerThrough my involvement I have read articles and watched documentaries on the positive impact that Fair Trade has on people and communities. I’ve attended MCIC presentations delivered by people who shared their first-hand accounts of working with producers and seeing the dramatic, uplifting power that a fair price can have on people and their communities.

To learn more about Fair Trade visit the Fair Trade Canada website.


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