What is MoneyFit?

What is Money Fit?Make making a plan manageable. Assiniboine Credit Union offers free MoneyFit assessments, advice and ongoing support in our branches. Just what does it mean to be MoneyFit? That’s a great question.

MoneyFit LogoSometimes money can be a source of stress and discomfort. For many people, finances are a very personal and not something to talk about openly. Financial products and services, with all those acronyms, rules and calculations can seem complex, confusing and even intimidating. Is it any wonder that many people feel stressed or even embarrassed about their current financial health?

Your Finances Shouldn’t Scare You

The reality is that managing your money doesn’t have to be complicated or scary.  You don’t need a university degree in finance to get financially fit. You just need a bit of coaching from an advisor you like and trust.

MoneyFit is a simple, convenient and easy-to-understand collection of tools and advice that helps people:

  • understand their current financial situation.
  • sort out their short and long-term financial needs.
  • learn where and how they can improve their financial health.
  • feel in control of their financial well being.

MoneyFit is About Feeling Good About Your Finances

In short, MoneyFit is financial planning for real, everyday people—no matter what your financial situation. MoneyFit is not a complicated, unrealistic financial planning program. It distils your finances into simple, easy-to-understand basics. Whether you are wealthy or not, retired or just starting out, MoneyFit is a simple yet powerful way to make sense of your money, build your financial confidence, and ensure that you making progress on your personal goals.

Getting MoneyFit is about taking a holistic look at your finances and feeling confident that you are improving your financial health and making progress towards the goals you have for you and your family. It’s like a wellness program for your wallet. Everyone can get MoneyFit.

Assiniboine Credit Union offers free MoneyFit assessments, advice and ongoing support in our branches. Talk to us today. MoneyFit will help you manage, save, grow and protect your money wherever you are.


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