Values Based Banking — It’s in our DNA

Assiniboine Credit Union joins values-based banking institutions around the world in a conversationToday we join values-based banking institutions around the world in a conversation about what it means to transform banking. Personally, I am so proud to work at a place that is dedicated to being a positive force for change in the world!

It goes back to 1943, when Assiniboine Credit Union was founded by people who transformed banking by putting the well-being of people first. Today, we honour that vision by making sure that our decisions, our actions, our profits and our influence make a significantly positive impact in our local communities and on our planet.

It’s not just how we do business, it’s why we do business.

Part of a Global Movement

We aren’t the only ones dedicated to transforming banking. As a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), Assiniboine is part of a profitable and growing international movement that is dedicated to using finance for good. It’s banking with a difference.

Today, as we join the international conversation about banking on values,  we will engage thousands of people around the world to celebrate the impact of this model as well as to continue figuring out exactly what this means — which will be different things to different people. I would love to hear your own thoughts via Twitter using #BankingOnValues!

A Lens That Guides Us

For me, banking on values is not just some program that we run, or a department of employees. It is a lens we all wear in doing our work, serving our members and working with our partners. These values are at the heart of who we are and what we do. It’s in our DNA.

It means we bank where the banks won’t bank, like Winnipeg’s North End.

It means we bank those who aren’t banked.

It means we invest in local leaders who are creating solutions to some of the most complex challenges in our communities.

It means reducing our environmental impact every year.

It means supporting our employees to volunteer for initiatives that make a difference like Habitat  and the LITE Pancake Breakfast, and raising money for low-income people who are building up their savings for essential things in life like education, simple furniture, a home, or starting a business.

It means being an inclusive and diverse (and best!) place to work.


You Can Bank on Values Too

GABV Banking On ValuesThese are just a few examples of what banking on values looks like. But at the core, the reason we do these things (and so much more) is that we exist to make the world around us a better place to live.

I strongly believe that this is the best way to ensure the long-term success of our members, our employees, our local communities, our planet, and ultimately our credit union itself. Strong, sustainable communities are good for people and good for business.

We can all be part of this great transformation.

Where you bank really matters, so join us! Bank where you know that your well-being comes first, and where you know that your money is being invested right here in our communities creating the quality of life we all value.

On October 23, join the global conversation. #BankingOnValues


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