University of Manitoba Students Build a Sustainable Community

U of M building community gardenSchool was in this summer for 25 University of Manitoba students taking an innovative two-week course “Building a Community Commons” in partnership with the Sustainable South Osborne Community Co-op.

I was a student on the course, taking a break from my day job at Assiniboine’s Member Communication Centre.

Starting from the Ground Up

Food From HarvestIn the first week we designed a park with a garden, food forest, and greenhouse for a space at the corner of Darling Street and Baltimore Avenue. The greenhouse will produce food that we can sell to local restaurants to help pay for the upkeep of the park, and the local community will work in common to maintain it. In the second week we built an orchard that was designed by last year’s class. It was a lot of hard work, but we made one Manitoban community better and more sustainable, and the orchard will feed people in the community for generations.

Our orchard has been entered in the Food Matters Manitoba Garden Makeover Competition.  Check out the photos and vote for us!

Supported by Assiniboine

Students in programThe project was supported by a community grant from Assiniboine. I have never been prouder to say I worked for ACU now that I have seen the difference our community grants can make.

The course was a game changer for me.

Building a Better Future

u OF m students working the land in the community gardenI learned a lot about some of the difficulties we will be facing in the future if we do not make our communities stronger and more sustainable.

We face a changing climate, more expensive oil and fewer non-renewable resources. To learn how you can take action to make a better future, check out the people, projects and ideas involved in Transition Winnipeg.

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