It’s a Three-peat! Assiniboine Wins Commuter Challenge Gold Again!

ACU employees have embraced green and active commuting From June 1 to 7, 152 Assiniboine Credit Union employees traveled over 15,000 green and active commuting kilometres while participating in the 2014 Commuter Challenge. With 30% of our workforce participating in the Commuter Challenge, Assiniboine can say it is the “Gold standard” in the 500 to 999 workplace population category.

A Tight Race

While we can claim green commuter supremacy in this fun and friendly event, it was a close race again this year. ACU’s participation rate was only 2% higher than the Silver winner, Red River College. This was the same margin of victory for us in 2013 too!

Nine companies competed in our workplace population category. The average participation rate was 13%. It’s very gratifying to see that ACU’s participation rate was almost two and a half times higher than the average.

How We Do It

Many of our employees have embraced green and active commuting and participating in the Commuter Challenge is almost second nature to them. We try to motivate and encourage employees to join the Challenge with prizes and contests. This year we even had a “green commuting photo scavenger hunt”. Our employees understand that green and active commuting reduces stress, is great for the environment and pocket book and supports health goals too. It’s a win all around.

A Few More Numbers

Beyond travelling over 15,000 kilometres during the Commuter Challenge, here are a few other benefits measured over the week:

  • ACU active commuters burned over 110,000 calories — that’s the equivalent of the calories required to run 33 marathons.
  • By shifting to green and active commuting modes, our team save over 1,000 litres of fuel. That’s $1,300 dollars staying in our pockets and our province.
  • Over 1.9 tonnes of greenhouse gases were not emitted into the atmosphere. Green commuting doesn’t contribute to climate change like drive-alone commuting does.

Read the news story on the ACU website: Third Time is a Charm: ACU Earns Gold in the 2014 Commuter Challenge  

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