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Fair Trade Manitoba challenges encourages you to take the Fair Trade ChallengeWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of us are thinking about chocolate. Let’s be honest – a lot of us think about chocolate the other 364 days of the year too!

Those little treats that give us a lift during the work day – coffee, tea and chocolate – are often not so sweet for the people that produce them. Too many of these products are harvested by child labourers, by farmers paid near starvation wages, and in conditions that harm the environment. Child Labor But there is a better way. Every time you choose a fair trade product you to enable producers in developing nations to live with dignity. You ensure they are getting a fair wage so they can support their families, employees and communities. You invest in healthy natural environments that will continue to sustain us all.

Fair Trade ChallengeDid you know? It takes 70 roasted coffee beans to make one cup of coffee.

Fair Trade Manitoba encourages you to take the Fair Trade Challenge. Starting on Valentine’s Day, and running until March 15 you pledge to purchase only fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate. When you register you can enter to win prizes – fair trade of course!


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Fair Trade Challenge: February 14 – March 15



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