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Small Business Week Winnipeg - A sweet surprise for 3 small businesses

A sweet surprise for three Winnipeg small businesses

Celebrating Small Business Week 2018 With almost 38,000 small businesses in Manitoba, the province is filled with creative and innovative entrepreneurs who provide a wide range of products and services. To celebrate Small Business Week, our Assiniboine Credit Union employees decided to surprise a few of our small business members with a sweet treat. With […]

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So you're thinking of starting a small business

Resources for starting a small business

So you’re thinking of starting a small business. No doubt you have plenty of questions running through your mind. Many of you will turn to “Small Business for Dummies” or similar publications for some sense of direction. No problem with that as you should explore all avenues of information and discovery if contemplating taking such […]

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considering a new business or expanding an existing one?

Financing your Business

Considering starting a new business or expanding an existing one? The Assiniboine Credit Union Business Financial Centre (BFC) is here to help. Here are a few options to consider when deciding how to finance the endeavor. Here are a few options that are available: The Manitoba Business Start Program, available through the BFC, provides government-guaranteed […]

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Starting a small business?

Starting a small business?

Every week, I receive several inquiries from Manitobans looking to start a business. Most of the questions are the same; “How do I apply for a small business loan?” and “What documents do I need?” If you’re wondering about starting a business, and have questions, here are a few tips to think about.   Develop […]

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