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5 ways to grow your savings today

5 small changes to grow your savings today

A guide to reinventing your “spending” self and becoming a “saver” Canadians are pretty accomplished spenders. Last year, we increased our consumer debt by 4.3%, and on average, each of us owes $29,312 — not including our mortgages.   When it comes to saving, however, we’re not quite so successful. Only a quarter of Canadians […]

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Once you decide to retire, who needs a strategy? Assiniboine Financial Group can help

Retirement Drawdown Strategies

Once you decide to retire, who needs a strategy? It should be pretty simple. You retire, you receive your government pensions, your company pension (if you have one), and simply start taking money from your savings to support your lifestyle, right? If only it were so easy! Thankfully, getting what you want out of retirement […]

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Improving your financial health - spend less, save more

3 Simple Tips to Help You Spend Less and Save More

The key to most financial plans is directing more money into savings, debt repayment and investments. Not surprisingly, this is also the hardest part of turning a financial plan into action. If spending less and saving more was easy — everyone would be in great financial shape. Not to worry though, here are three practical […]

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TFSA Basics

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a great tool for saving, whether you’re saving for a rainy day, home repairs, or retirement. Because you can withdraw the money tax-free whenever you need it, TFSAs are also a good choice for an emergency savings fund. If you do withdraw money from your TFSA, you won’t lose […]

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