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your legacy in retirement

Leaving a Legacy

You’ve invested a lot of your time on your retirement plan, and all that planning has paid off. You’re confident you’ll have a solid income for your retirement. In fact, it looks like you actually have some extra income or savings right now that you won’t actually need for your retirement. The question is, how […]

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Once you decide to retire, who needs a strategy? Assiniboine Financial Group can help

Retirement Drawdown Strategies

Once you decide to retire, who needs a strategy? It should be pretty simple. You retire, you receive your government pensions, your company pension (if you have one), and simply start taking money from your savings to support your lifestyle, right? If only it were so easy! Thankfully, getting what you want out of retirement […]

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It’s time to get serious with your TFSA

It’s time to get serious with your TFSA

You’ve opened your Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). You’ve been diligently putting money into it every year and now you realize that this has become an important piece of your financial portfolio. If you were 18 or over when this was launched in 2009, your contribution room is now $52,000 in 2017. This began as […]

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Farewell to Al Morin

Farewell and Thanks to Al Morin

As many of our readers know, Al Morin has announced his retirement from Assiniboine Credit Union after serving as President and CEO since 1997. He will be leaving Assiniboine at the end of 2013. You may not know, however, that Al has been a loyal contributor to the credit union and co-operative systems for 40 […]

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