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Defined Benefit Plan vs. Life Income Fund what is right for you?

Should I stay or should I go? The Pension Puzzle.

Article written by Robert Rusak, Wealth advisor with Assiniboine Credit Union and Credential Asset Management Inc. You’ve worked hard over the past number of years. You’ve paid into the company pension and there’s some real value there waiting for you. And if you’re lucky enough, your pension is a defined benefits plan. But what if […]

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Once you decide to retire, who needs a strategy? Assiniboine Financial Group can help

Retirement Drawdown Strategies

Once you decide to retire, who needs a strategy? It should be pretty simple. You retire, you receive your government pensions, your company pension (if you have one), and simply start taking money from your savings to support your lifestyle, right? If only it were so easy! Thankfully, getting what you want out of retirement […]

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