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Condo or house: Should you buy a house or condo?

Which should you buy: Condo or house?

It’s the modern riddle for today’s urban dwellers — should you buy a condo or go with the traditional house? Condo or house. Of course, there are pros and cons for each option. These include the practical side of things (think maintenance and floor plans) versus the financial considerations. So, what would tempt a buyer […]

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Mortgage do's and don'ts

Mortgage Do’s and Don’ts

Most people are unaware of the potential roadblocks they could come up against when applying for a mortgage — until it’s too late. This list of mortgage do’s and don’ts are designed to save you from mortgage application headaches.   Check your credit score in advance Your credit score is an essential ingredient in the […]

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The Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation: Building a stronger community

The Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation: Building a stronger community

Part 1: This local group is strengthening their neighbourhood by offering homeownership assistance. A Winnipeg neighbourhood organization is helping families overcome financial obstacles to homeownership, all while adding value to their community. The Chalmers Home Buyer Assistance Program, offered by the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (CNRC), assists families with the initial purchasing costs of homes […]

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Does equity make financial sense?

Get a Loan or Add to My Mortgage?

Imagine you have been looking for a boat, motorcycle, RV, ATV, or some other large purchase and suddenly found the perfect one. And look, it’s on sale for a “limited time.” Does this sound familiar? You don’t have enough cash, but you just can’t pass up this deal so you decide to borrow the money. But […]

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Mortgage-Free the Smart Way

Four Things to Think of When Pre-Paying your Mortgage

Managing a mortgage isn’t always straight-forward. Here are four questions we hear from our members along with answers to get you thinking about ways to manage your mortgage. Don’t forget that it’s always important to talk to a mortgage specialist; each person’s financial outlook and goals is different and you always want to make sure that […]

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