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6 simple answers to make estate planning easy

6 simple answers to make estate planning easy

Start now to safeguard your lasting legacy. You’ve heard the classic saying, “Death and taxes…” Nobody likes to discuss either, but these are two certainties in life. What’s also true is that the more we plan for both, the better off we are. We accumulate personal possessions, financial assets and even real estate over the […]

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your legacy in retirement

Leaving a Legacy

You’ve invested a lot of your time on your retirement plan, and all that planning has paid off. You’re confident you’ll have a solid income for your retirement. In fact, it looks like you actually have some extra income or savings right now that you won’t actually need for your retirement. The question is, how […]

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It's a good idea to review your beneficiaries annually

Are Your Designated Beneficiaries Up-to-Date?

When you first open an account, start up an investment or sign an insurance policy, you get to choose who your designated beneficiaries are — in other words, who will inherit your assets. As time passes and life events happen, we often forget that we’ve named a specific person as the beneficiary. Do you recall who you designated […]

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