Support LITE’s Alternative Christmas Hamper Campaign

LITE's Alternative Christmas Hamper - Give the gift that gives twiceWinnipeggers are generous. With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will want to make donations to Christmas hampers for less fortunate families.

What if, instead of just alleviating hunger, you could make a long term impact on the lives of those in need? What if you could actually help pull people out of poverty and give them the skills and confidence needed to break the cycle of dependency on hamper programs? You can — by supporting LITE’s Alternative Christmas Hamper Campaign.

Why Support LITE

LITE LogoLITE (Local Investment Toward Employment) began as a response to a dramatic decline in sales at an inner-city co-operative grocery store at Christmas time. While nobody would deny local families the welcome gift of a food hamper, the result of purchasing food at suburban big box stores was that a business supporting employment in the inner-city was nearly forced to close due to lack of sales during their busiest season.

Giving to Others AND Supporting Local Social Enterprises

Funds collected for the Alternative Christmas Hamper Campaign are used to purchase products from inner city businesses and social enterprises before sending them to the Christmas Cheer Board. In 2013 LITE purchased $40,000 worth of goods from partner organizations which resulted in 85 job opportunities.

Watch the Alternative Christmas Hamper video.

You can donate directly to the campaign online or at any Assiniboine branch. We will be collecting donations until December 12.

 The Alternative Christmas Hamper feeds families and supports inner-city employment. It’s the gift that gives twice!



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