Be Safe during the Upcoming Heating Season

Getting Heating Appliances Ready for WinterYes, winter is coming…

As the weather begins to cool, we are all reminded that we need to get our furnaces or other heating appliances ready for winter.

Fuel-burning appliances like water heaters, furnaces, dryers, stoves, and fireplaces require fresh air intake to burn efficiently and safely.

Without proper venting, the use of these appliances could lead to the risk of buildup of deadly carbon monoxide in your home. Check the chimney and outside vents for leaves, nests, or other debris that could block air flow. Performing these tasks now before the heating season gets into full swing can help ensure safe and efficient operation.

Qualified repair man during heating seasonIt is a good idea to have your furnace and appliances regularly inspected and services by a qualified contractor. For everyone’s safety, book an inspection and tune-up today. If your home does not have carbon dioxide detectors, consider having some installed to ensure peace of mind.

Stay safe as winter approaches.


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