Resources for starting a small business

So you're thinking of starting a small business

So you’re thinking of starting a small business. No doubt you have plenty of questions running through your mind.

Many of you will turn to “Small Business for Dummies” or similar publications for some sense of direction. No problem with that as you should explore all avenues of information and discovery if contemplating taking such an important step. But there are some other valuable resources to help get you started.

Both the Federal and Provincial governments offer many online resources that are quite helpful and best of all… free! Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is a great place to start. It offers a variety of resources for Canadian businesses including tips on:

  • Developing your ideas
  • Crafting your business plan
  • Naming and registering your business
  • Finding financial incentives for start-ups
  • Buying an existing business

Not to be outdone, the Province of Manitoba website also offers several resources to help when starting a business, including permits, tools and research.

Of course, if you are wondering about starting your own business, talk to me and my team at the ACU Business Financial Centre.

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