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Prairie Fire Press has a long-standing commitment to educating youth in the area of publishing, communication and leadership. Each year Prairie Fire provides one or two placements for university or high school students, as well as interested youth from the broader community. Our goal is to create a wave of future publishing professionals, and also to inspire and foster skills such as leadership, passion and excellent communication.

The Practicum That Changes Lives

This unique eight-month practicum program is tailored to each student and provides an intense, hands-on learning experience in all aspects of publishing, as well as touching on essential communication and leadership skills. The practicum consists of three hours every week onsite, and generally runs from September to early May, although shorter practicums can be arranged.

Demand for the program far exceeds available placements and preference is given to people living in Manitoba. Our goal is to continue to expand the program so that we can eventually offer students 2-4 months of employment over the summer months. Our students come from the University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Red River College, Seven Oaks School Division MET School and the broader community.

How Can I Learn More About the Program?

Students Prairie Fire

From left to right: Shanleigh Klassen, Janine Tschuncky, Lulu Akhanamoya

If you have a keen interest in publishing, writing, leadership and personal development, please email me directly at, or call me at 204.943.9066 to arrange for an interview. Because we want to create the best possible experience for each participant, an interview is essential to ensure a good match. Our office environment is bright, engaging and at times fast-paced! Preference is given to young people between the ages of 15 and 25, although we encourage mature students to apply as well.

What Some of Our Students Say

The Prairie Fire practicum program was life changing for me.

Miranda Poyser – 2012-13

I can’t imagine a better first practicum. Through this program, I learned what it takes to get work published, the process behind getting a magazine on the newsstands and the enthusiastic energy needed to keep a magazine like Prairie Fire going.

Wencke Rudi – 2012-13

One of the highlights of my practicum was receiving feedback on my own creative work from professional editors. By sharing what I’ve learned at Prairie Fire, I hope to help other emerging authors see their work in print.

Bronwyn Jerret Enns – 2011-12

Janine is a brilliant teacher who leads by example, and I looked forward to seeing her, Andris and Heidi each week. I have always loved to read, but at Prairie Fire I was reintroduced to the joy of writing, a gift that I will carry throughout my life.

Leezann Freed-Lobchuck – 2010-11

Thank you again for the experience and thank you to the whole staff and board of Prairie Fire, who gave me a comfortable place to learn and grow as an artist and as a person.

Lindsey Childs – 2009-10

I quite honestly feel as though I won the practicum placement lottery. I can’t imagine more gracious and nurturing hands to guide a student through the complex terrain of publishing. I am grateful for the friendship, the support and the guidance that Prairie Fire so abundantly provided.

Robert Singh – 2008-09

How Can I Support The Practicum Program?

Speaking Volumes posterThe practicum program is entirely funded by our community. Each year we host an annual gala event called “Speaking Volumes” to support the program. This year our fundraiser is on May 10, 2014 at Fort Gibraltar.

Come out and enjoy hatchet throwing, a fabulous meal, readings by award-winning writers Méira Cook and Kristian Enright, and of course meet this year’s practicum students! If you’re not able to attend but are interested in learning how you can support this program, visit Donation Information on our website.

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