Peg City Car Co-op: Bike, Walk, Bus and Sometimes Drive

Peg City Car Co-op officially launchedPeg City Car Co-op officially launched in June 2011 coinciding with Bike To Work Day. The timing was not a coincidence, as one of the goals of the co-op is to reach out to people who are already using multiple modes of transportation in their lives.

For those who may not drive on a regular basis, knowing they have access to a shared vehicle is just the thing they need to feel they can give up their vehicle or never have to purchase one in the first place. The co-op’s tagline says it best: “Bike, Walk, Bus. And sometimes drive.” Ken Bond - first PCCC userSince the launch, membership has been growing — many members displaying true commitment to the co-operative spirit by purchasing their membership shares before cars were even available to drive! Members get to choose from fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles that were selected based on consultations with other car-share co-ops across Canada. Originally they started out with three cars and have now expanded to nine. Car sharing is one way to support greener commuting, something Assiniboine employees are passionate about, community involvement and the local co-operative movement. Assiniboine has been involved with Peg City since the initial planning stages — first through our Sustainable Community Grants Program and providing financing through our Community Financial Centre.

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Excerpt adapted from asterisk October 2011 print version

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