Senior Scam March Fraud Prevention Month

Emergency or Grandparent Scam on the Rise

Winnipeg Police Service has seen a marked increase in the number of reports of the Emergency or Grandparent Scam. In a media news report released on March 12, 2014 they announced they are aware of 35 victims with estimated losses between $2500- $7000 per incident. What is the Emergency or Grandparent Scam? Typically, a grandparent or elderly person will receive […]

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Theatre by the River Brings Artistic Productions to Manitoba

Theatre by the River is an independent, professional theatre company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since 2005, we’ve existed to produce theatrical work throughout Manitoba that attracts and excites both traditional and non-traditional theatre audiences by providing artistically provocative, socially significant and financially accessible theatre. Mel Marginet serves as our Artistic Director; and our current company […]

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