Winnipeg Foundation and Assiniboine Credit Union: Nourishing the Potential of Winnipeg’s Youth

Nourishing PotentialAssiniboine Credit Union (ACU) is one of three lead partners in The Winnipeg Foundation’s Nourishing Potential Fund established in 2011. Over the next several years Assiniboine will donate a total of $250,000 to the fund, helping it grow to its projected $5 million.

Nourishing Potential has already provided over $500,000 in grants to community organizations providing nutritious food to children and youth from economically disadvantaged communities, so they can learn and develop to their full potential. By investing in this fund and participating in the advisory committee, ACU knows it is helping to create healthier lives which will build stronger communities.

Priscilla Boucher, ACU’s VP of Social Responsibility and Community Investment, sees a strong alignment between Assiniboine’s mission and the vision for the Nourishing Potential Fund.

Part of our mission is to partner in the community with organizations like The Winnipeg Foundation to foster sustainable communities. There is no room for hunger or poverty in sustainable communities.

A large percentage of young people in Winnipeg — 31% of those aged 5 to 12 and 62% of teenagers — don’t eat breakfast every day. Nutrition is a critical factor in the physical, mental and emotional development of children and youth, yet many struggle to meet their dietary needs.

Grants are not just for purchasing food but also include equipment, nutrition education, food handling education and hands-on experience with food preparation. This gives an added community-building element to the programs and also helps to develop essential skills.

Nourishing Potential's Cooking Club making breadThe Nourishing Potential Endowment Fund is being built through gifts of all sizes from people in all walks of life.  If you would like to help the Winnipeg Foundation grow this fund visit for more information, or call them at 204-944-9474. Donations can be made online, by phone, or by mail.

Some 2013 Nourishing Potential Grant Recipients

Andrews Street Family Centre
Participants at the Pritchard Place Drop-In learn how to cook nutritious snacks and meals.

 Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba
IRCOM’s After School Nutrition Program provides healthy snacks and nutrition skills five days a week for 40 newcomer children and youth.

Resource Assistance for Youth
The kitchen program at RaY incorporates a daily meal in addition to training and work experience. Youth gain basic kitchen work skills while preparing snacks and the daily meal to be served.

West Broadway Youth Outreach
Food supplies, a new refrigerator and food handling training for staff enable WBYO’s Health Kids program to provide nutritious options for participating youth.

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