Learning from the Italian Co-operative Movement

Are We as Co-operative as We Think We Are? Last August, I had the fortune of being invited by Vancity Credit Union to visit Italy for a two-week study of the Italian co-op community.

Not only was I amazed at the sheer number of co-ops in Italy, but also their dedication to the vision of co-operatives working together; not only for their members, but for each other as well.

These values have had a deep-rooted impact on their economic sustainability, which has played a large part in creating a more stable society. The co-operative ecosystem they have developed is healthy and strong, their passion for the co-operative movement is selfless, and their commitment to work together is inspiring.

Here in Manitoba, co-ops and credit unions work together to contribute positively to the social and economic health of our communities, but not quite at the same level as in Italy, which begs the question –  Are We as Co-operative as We Think We Are? Visit my blog to learn more about my views on the differences between Manitoba and Italian co-ops.

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