Investors Satisfied with Socially Responsible Investment Performance

SRI Investment PerformanceA national survey conducted by Ipsos Reid yielded some interesting results regarding Canadians investing in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) products.

It reveals that the vast majority of people who have chosen SRI products are satisfied with their investments. The survey also shows that 54 percent of investors who discuss SRI investments with their advisor bring up the topic themselves. Here are some of the responses gathered from over 1,500 Canadians between August 19 and September 9, 2011:

SRI stats table

The results of this survey also highlight the need for advisors to receive on-going education on socially responsible investing. It also points out that more advisors need to take the additional step of asking their clients if they are interested in incorporating social, environmental and governance analysis into their investment decisions.

According to the Social Investment Organization (SIO), a non-profit organization that promotes and tracks socially responsible investing across Canada, SRI represents about 4 precent of Canada’s retail mutual fund market. Here at ACU, through Credential Asset Management Inc. and Credential Securities Inc., we discuss mutual funds as part of a member’s overall investment strategy, so it’s no surprise that our members are well ahead of the survey results and the SIO findings. In 2010, SRI funds made up approximately 30 percent of total mutual fund sales and approximately 23 percent of total assets under management at ACU.

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Excerpt from asterisk February 2012 print edition.

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