An Interview with James Foster, VP and GM of Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited

Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited Recent acquisition of Valour Tri-West Insurance Brokers Limited With the recent acquisition of Valour Tri-West Insurance Brokers Limited, James Foster, VP and GM of Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited, answers our questions about the purchase and the organization.

ACU:  Tell us about Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited?

JF:      Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited now operates a network of 6 locations with 35 professional staff in Winnipeg. We provide our clients with advice and products to help them protect their automobiles and other vehicles, their homes and businesses, and even travel insurance to protect their trips. We represent several different insurance companies including Manitoba Public Insurance, Aviva, Intact, Wawanesa, CUMIS, Portage Mutual, Optimum, and others.

ACU:  How has acquiring Valour Tri-West Insurance Brokers Limited changed things for Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited?  

JF:      The acquisition of Valour Tri-West Insurance Brokers Limited has provided us an additional four locations in the city with better geographical diversity. Being a larger insurance broker allows us to provide additional product choices for our clients from offices located within their communities.

ACU:  What is an insurance broker anyway? 

JF:      An insurance broker works for the client, not the insurance companies they represent. This ensures we provide our clients with independent advice and quality insurance products which are customized for each individual circumstance. We want to make sure our clients not only get a good price on their premiums, but more importantly, make sure they have the coverage which is right for them.

ACU:  What is your personal history with Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited?

JF:      I came to lead Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited in July 2011, after several years working with a national insurance company. I have been involved with the credit union system since 1997.

ACU:  If you could give one piece of insurance advice to our readers, what would it be?

JF:    Don’t buy your insurance just because it is cheap. When a claim occurs, you do not want to find that a cheap premium came with equally cheap protection. Make sure you get the insurance package which is right for your individual needs.

When Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limite purchased Valour Tri-West,  the company made a commitment to keep all current staff employed. Breanne Davey and Loree Edwardsen are thrilled with the new arrangment.

Breanne Davey PhotoThe recent acquisition of Valour Tri-West Insurance Brokers Limited has allowed our company to grow in many different areas. With the 4 additional locations, we have expanded our geographic reach in Winnipeg to several additional communities. As well, our staffing has doubled, now offering more than 34 licensed professionals to meet our clients’ insurance needs. Our insurance solutions have also increased, offering our clients a greater selection of coverage. I am thrilled to welcome Valour Tri-West to the Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Team!

— Breanne Davey

Loree Edwardsen Photo_croppedAs a family member of the former owners of Valour Tri-West Insurance Brokers, I was nervous about what the ownership change would mean for the clients and staff. What we have found is that we all strive to provide the same level of expertise and personal service from any of the six locations. It has been exciting to join the Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited team and provide additional options for our clients while providing more opportunities for personal growth.

— Loree Edwardsen

James also writes articles for our site with professional tips and advice on insurance. Check out Tips for a Safe Holiday Season and watch for more coming out soon!


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