Highlights from MBlog 2014

Inspired contest attendees

 It’s official, MBlog 2014 was a hit! The weekend was full of inspiration, creativity and education. Four of us from Assiniboine attended and we all agree, it was a great event with wonderful speakers presenting on a variety of topics about blogging.

Elan Morgan

Here are some of our highlights from the weekend events.

Lisa Delorme Meiler, Graphic Designer

I won! I won!  It is a rare occasion that I win a prize, but at Friday’s welcome reception, luck was shining on me. I won a workbook on Interpersonal Wellness and a gift certificate for a coaching session. I feel like I won in so many other ways by attending this conference. MBlog was an exciting two-day conference that focused on finding your voice, which is not as easy as it sounds. With all the tips and expertise shared throughout the two-day event, I feel like I have a better grasp of how to find my blog voice. I am now armed with knowledge that I can put to use for both my own artist blog and our corporate blog. Another win I experienced was that I had one take away from each and every speaker; all the topics were very relevant and interesting. I think the biggest highlight for me, was the opportunity to sit in the same room with the Keynote Conversationalist, “The Bloggess” Jenny Lawson,

Jenny Lawson with Derek the Fox
The Keynote conversation: “The Bloggess”, Jenny Lawson featured here with Derek the fox. Lawson is a New York Bestselling author, Nielsen’s Top 50 Most Powerful Mom Bloggers, and one of the most successful bloggers around.

and hear her speak. She is a truly an interesting woman, on so many levels. I commend her for bringing to light and having a voice on the subject of mental illness and her openness to talk about barriers she faced along the way to finding her true voice. She has managed to brilliantly make it a blog-able topic that is funny and entertaining. It really brings to light how powerful your voice can be. For me personally, the most powerful message she delivered was “Pretend you are good at it.” It’s a great mantra to help you overcome challenges that you may come across in life.

Duane Nicol. Manager, Marketing & Communication

It. Was. Awesome. I was blown away by this event. Insightful speakers and an engaged audience filled the room with energy and creative possibilities. MBlog was a powerful reminder that Winnipeg has one of the strongest, most vibrate arts and cultural communities in all of Canada.  Surrounded with local bloggers, I feel like I absorbed knowledge through my skin. The timing was perfect for us at Assiniboine. We’ve just launched asterisk and are methodically building it into the community hub we’ve envisioned. Upon returning to the office on Monday morning after MBlog our little team was electric. Not only did we learn lots – but we were inspired.

Ben Rogers, Web Content Manager

Cynthia Sanchez presenting at MBLOG
Cynthia Sanchez, was ohsopinteresting,com. Sanchez, a subject matter expert on Pintrest shared her wisdom on what makes things pinnable.

It was an amazing weekend event! As a juror on Elan Morgan’s Canadian Weblog Awards, I found a lot of insight into the blog world of Schmutzie. Ian McCausland was hilarious and brought a lot of powerful photography tips to the attendees. Even though I am a Pinterest power user, Cynthia Sanchez shared lots of advanced Pinterest wisdom and even inspired a couple people at my table to sign up! Finally, Kyla Roma’s presentation was hilarious, filled with geek references and great quotes, it taught great pointers on content and how to run a proper blog. The lunch was absolutely delicious and it was nice to be able to live tweet the event!

As for me, I found the entire weekend enlightening and full of interesting information. All of the speakers did a fantastic job talking about their specific topics; ranging from generating quality content, getting the most out of Pinterest, using design to enhance your blog, understanding the legalities of writing online, and much much more. I learned something from every speaker; every one was very educational and informative.

Of course my biggest highlight was introducing Jenny Lawson as the key note speaker of the weekend. After meeting and talking with her, seeing how real and down-to-earth she is, I was even more honoured to be chosen to introduce her on behalf of Assiniboine. Even after a long trip from Houston with several delays, she was bright and cheery and shared her experiences and stories with the humour and wit her fans have come to love.Women's Enterprise Centre Conference Team

Thank you to Women’s Enterprise Centre and New Media Manitoba for hosting this fun and informative event.

Women's Enterprise CentreNew Media Manitoba

Photos courtesy of April Plett Photography



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