Employees Building With Habitat for Humanity

ACU Employees donating their time and energy to Habitat for HumanityFor years, Assiniboine Credit Union has supported employees who want to give some of their time and energy to Habitat for HumanityThis year, 39 employees helped build over a total of four days, and four of Assiniboine’s board of directors  joined in on the build.

How did they feel about participating for this great cause? Here’s what a few of our employees had to say:

Beth DyckI really enjoyed learning a new skill and working with other Assiniboine employees that I hadn’t met before. I would definitely recommend volunteering; it felt good knowing that I did something to help my community.

— Beth Dyck, Regent Branch

Tammie ClarkeI would most definitely recommend volunteering for Habitat. It is a great experience; getting your hands a little dirty for a good cause, making new friends at Assiniboine and learning a new skill I can use in my personal life. It brings a new perspective to those not familiar with Habitat for Humanity.

— Tammie Clarke, School Road Branch

Nicole RitchotI enjoyed the people I had the pleasure of ‘sweating’ with; I enjoyed knowing my small contribution was part of a larger contributing being, made to improve the lives of families and enrich our communities. I would definitely recommend this volunteer experience.  The Habitat staff are great, very supportive and fun to work with. I really appreciated the opportunity this volunteer experience provided me to work side by side with Assiniboine staff, some  I knew, and some I met for the first time.

— Nicole Ritchot, Assiniboine Board of Directors

Catherine CabakI highly recommend volunteering at least once! It is so gratifying to know that you are helping a family in need. Assinibone is very driven to be a part of the community and this is definitely a way to give back. I am happy to say I have  volunteered twice now and definitely plan on more.

— Catherine Cabak, Garden City Branch

Lisa Delorme MeilerIt’s fun to learn new skills that I can apply elsewhere in my life, all the while knowing I am helping our community. I recommend volunteering for Habitat. How can you not feel rewarded by making a difference in the lives of others and not to mention you get the bragging rights: “I helped build that home”. I think it is a great team experience and learning opportunity, and a great way to feel connected to community. Try it once, I think you’ll agree.

— Lisa Delorme Meiler, Marketing and Communication

Brendan ReimerI really valued my time on the Habitat for Humanity build for several reasons. I had such a great time working alongside some of our fabulous ACU staff; we really do have amazing people working at our credit union. It was also humbling to know that we were part of a much bigger effort to reduce poverty for families in Winnipeg through access to affordable housing and homeownership. What a privilege to be one small part of that! And tying those two things together, it was an inspirational day working together to contribute to building a better life for a family, and building community. I will certainly do it again, and hope that many more of our credit union family get the opportunity to take part in this wonderful experience.

– Brendan Reimer, Assiniboine Board of Directors

Margaret DayI enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the build and work alongside ACU staff. I was somewhat intimidated to even volunteer as I don’t have any real skills in construction work. I learned lots of construction tips alongside Assiniboine staff and really felt that we made huge progress on the build. I would love to do this again next year and perhaps even volunteer more than one day. Thanks for inviting Board members to be part of this incredible experience.

– Margaret Day, Chair of Assiniboine’s Board of Directors


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