Green Action Centre Challenges Manitobans to Stay Active

Get active with Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge!What do Jon Snow (from Game of Thrones), your letter carrier (if you still have one), and the Manitoba caribou of the Qamairjuag Herd all have in common? They all travel at least 130km per week in the cold outdoors! What better way to join their ranks than by getting active with Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge!

Green Action Centre is gearing up for the fourth year of its annual ‘get outside and bouge event’. Sign up as an individual or enter your team of up to five people and commit to getting outside to ‘bouge’ like you’ve never ‘bouged’ before (if you’ll pardon the French). The goal is to commute as a team; to school, to work, to shop, or just to have fun — for 130km — between February 7th and 13th. The method of motion is up to you so long as it is human-powered; skate, ski, walk, run, bike, snowshoe or do cartwheels till you can’t see strait. As long as you are outside and travelling, you may track your kilometres!

This year is a special year for Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge, as it coincides with Green Action Centres’ 30th Anniversary. The Centre is proud of its three-decades-and-counting commitment to Manitobans. As you hopefully already know, they provide practical programming and green-living solutions in the areas of waste reduction and composting, green commuting, sustainable living and resource conservation.

To help celebrate, there is an added challenge to the registered teams: try to raise $130 to support Green Action Centre. Your efforts to collect pledges ensure the success of this winter commuting challenge and many other future events and programs. All donations over $10 are eligible for a tax receipt.


This adventure may not be easy, but it will be fun! Sure, the cold weather can be challenging to enjoy, but with the proper mindset and gear, it could just make your day.

To make your winter commute as awesome as it should be, remember these helpful tips:

  • Dress warm This isn’t like high school where you were cool if you didn’t wear a toque and mitts. Thankfully, times have changed. Today’s youth (and hip adults) wear toques in the summer! But don’t just look cool – dress warm; long Johns, snow pants, mitts, extra socks, and if it gets really cold break out the balaclava.
  • Dress in layers Wearing multiple layers will help you adjust to whatever the weather; too warm and you will start to sweat, and too wet makes it uncomfortable when you arrive to school or work. It’s also helpful if at least one of your layers is wind resistant.
  • Plan ahead Before going to bed, check to see what the weather will be like in the morning. Is it going to snow 30 cm? If so, you might want to snowshoe instead of bike. Is it going to be mild? Perfect for a nice walk to work.
  • Plan your route Might there be routes that are less efficient but more enjoyable? Remember, enjoying your time outdoors is key. If you have to walk the length of Assiniboine Ave, why not instead walk along the river trail? Will you be walking north along a stretch of sidewalk that is completely open to the elements? Try finding another route that has lots of trees for wind protection.
  • Enjoy the outdoors While it may seem desolate out there, nature’s beauty has not gone far. Bring your camera or some binoculars and check out what the birds are up to. Get a great shot of the hoarfrost. Take a second to truly appreciate a sun dog.

Why not make this year the year you get involved and take the challenge? Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge is the perfect way for you and your friends, family, or classmates to do your part for the environment and raise awareness of sustainable and active transportation. Remember, Winnipeg winters are only as bad as we make them out to be.

Register your team today by visiting or by contacting Jaret Olford, Commuter Challenge Coordinator, at

Green action Centre

Happy Commuting! Bougez avec d’amusent!

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