Farewell to Priscilla Boucher

Farewell to Priscilla BoucherThis is the final week for Priscilla Boucher as an employee at Assiniboine Credit Union, and as Vice-President Social Responsibility and Community Investment.

Last fall, Priscilla announced her intention to move back home to Vancouver in the spring and we will certainly miss her. In her eight years with us, she made a tremendous contribution to our progress as a financial leader — particularly in the areas of social and environmental sustainability.


As Assiniboine’s new CEO, I must say how impressed I am with the depth of ACU’s reach and impact. We have a lot to be proud of, and while Priscilla would be the first person to say we still have a lot of work to do, I’d like to point to just a few significant accomplishments under Priscilla’s watch. We:

And, her latest achievement was in consultation with employees, community partners, members and subject-area experts. Priscilla completed — and the board approved — ACU’s Values Based Banking Policy, which is a statement of our commitment to doing business in a way that is true to the triple bottom line of ‘people, planet and prosperity’.


Many of the numerous awards we continue to win are attributable to Priscilla’s vision and the hard work of her team. A few examples – just from the past year alone:

Building on Our Commitment to Values Based Banking

As an organization we have — and I personally have — a vested interest in building on Priscilla’s good work. To that end I have begun a search for a Strategic Advisor on Values Based Banking. This will be a senior-level position reporting to the CEO and guiding our organization by keeping our commitment to using finance for good as we change and grow.

Priscilla’s Legacy

Priscilla, thank you for the innumerable late nights and long weekends; for your wisdom and guidance; for your visionary approach to using finance for good; and especially — for helping us understand that social impact and environmental sustainability do not have to be gained at the expense of financial sustainability. You’re leaving a much better organization just as I inherit it — and I thank you for your profound legacy.

Enjoy your return to friends and family on the west coast. Vancouver’s gain is our loss.


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