Diversity Catering Reaches 10,000 Orders

Diversity Catering Reached a Significant Milestone — 10,000 Orders!On September 4, Diversity Catering reached a significant milestone — 10,000 orders!

Created in 2009 as a joint venture owned by two non-profit organizations — SEED Winnipeg and the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation — Diversity Foods provides healthy, delicious food choices at the university, in their fine-dining restaurant Elements, and through Diversity Catering. Diversity Foods has made a significant impact in many different ways.

Changing the Landscape of Winnipeg’s Food System

The food is not only healthy but amazing — so it’s no surprise that they have won top awards such as 2010 Winnipeg Iron Chef. They also purchase a significant amount of food from over 80 local and sustainable food producers, which led to being awarded the 2010 Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Award.

Diversity Foods is a Manitoba example of an institution that has become a leader in local, sustainable and ethical purchasing.

Making a Positive Impact

Their mission of creating jobs for local people with barriers to employment means that 72 people, 64 per cent of them with various barriers to employment,  now have a good job at a great place to work.

These social and environmental impacts are why every sale matters. The more the enterprise grows, the more positive community impact can be achieved.

Diversity Foods - Meal Catering Plating

Assiniboine is proud to support Diversity Foods in many different ways, since the beginning, as we understand the positive impact of social and environmental food purchasing decisions. It was very fitting that when the news broke out, a small staff team of Assiniboine employees met to discuss values-based banking while enjoying lunch delivered by Diversity Catering.

Congratulations Diversity Foods, in reaching such a fantastic milestone and making a difference in our local food industry!

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