Champlain School Places in International Mural Contest

Painting a New WorldStudents at Champlain School, an elementary school in the North End, not far from Assiniboine’s McGregor Branch, have placed in the top three in an international mural contest: The Gift of Art Project.

One student, one brush stroke at a time, on one mural, is making a difference in the world.

The Gift of Art Project is a collaborative project by the non-profit organization Painting a New World. Their primary goal is to have students learn about humanitarian and environmental issues and express their learnings through art. Through fundraising efforts and collaborating with the community, the students directly contribute to the aid of local and international communities.

Painting a New World

The theme of the art, proposed by Painting a New World in partnership with the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity 2011–2020, focuses on environmental issues in coastal and ocean habitats. The 2012 theme is: “Saving our Marine and Coastal eco-system through art.”

The contest required the students to raise funds, half of which would be submitted to and distributed by Painting a New World, to support artists in seven African countries and Haiti. These funds help these countries market their art internationally, allowing them to provide viable sources of income for their communities. As part of our contribution, Assiniboine purchased the Champlain mural and the school chose to donate the second half of the funds to Art City, a Winnipeg-based community art program located in the West Broadway area.

Adapted from asterisk June 2012 print version.

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