Exiting ACU, Entering the Blogosphere

Al Morin, President and CEOTime is an interesting thing. When I joined ACU in 1980, I saw my whole career ahead of me. Assiniboine was where I wanted to be and together, ACU and I have weathered a lot of change. I remember when I bought ACU’s first computers – two of them – one for me and one for the finance guy. They were as big as a desk and cost $25,000 – each – with nothing on them but DOS.

Well, in 2013, Assiniboine turned 70 years old and, as I’ve been around for nearly half her life, I’m really proud to be part of the celebration.

It’s ironic that ACU’s 70th year is also my final year at ACU as I will be retiring at the end of 2013. The board is in a recruitment process at the moment and the new CEO will be announced toward the end of this year.

I may remember purchasing ACU’s first computers, but I really didn’t envision the day when our beloved member newsletter would only be accessible online. The launch of this blog is exciting, a sign of the times, another feather in our technological cap. But I have to be honest. I’ll miss reading the paper edition of asterisk.

The good news is the e-news never sleeps. There’ll always be something interesting to read, and being electronic means that we don’t have to wait for three issues a year to be published. I guess I’ll check regularly to make sure I don’t miss any news – or better yet, I’ll subscribe to the RSS feeds and have the news I want delivered directly to my phone. On second thought – I’m going to like this new blog.

Well, farewell for now from the blogosphere. See you at the AGM. I’ll be in the audience, reading my annual report . Oh, wait, that’s gone paperless too!

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