Celebrate Credit Union Day on October 16!

Doing good is something credit unions take seriously, locally and globally.When the news seems to be filled with conflict, it’s easy to forget what can be achieved when people come together to help each other. For centuries people have banded together to work co-operatively without thought of profit – fighting fires, harvesting crops, raising barns, and avoiding high-interest loans by lending to one another.

These are the roots of the credit union movement. Credit unions are financial co-operatives owned and controlled by the people who use their services and dedicated to the people and communities they serve.

Banks make profits for profit’s sake. Credit unions make profits for purpose sake.

A Global Movement

Doing good is something credit unions take seriously, locally and globally. Today, over 200 million people in 103 countries are members of a credit union. Assiniboine members are part of an amazing movement.

This co-operative spirit of people helping people has led to life-changing opportunities in the form of small business start-ups, home ownership and education. Look at some examples of the international impact of credit unions.

Celebrate the Difference

On October 16, credit unions around the world will unite behind the message of “Local Service. Global Good” for International Credit Union Day (ICU).

Visit your branch on Thursday, October 16 and join us for coffee (fair trade, of course) and celebrate being a member of a credit union!

Show Your Support

Credit unions are in jeopardy of being able to continue to support our communities. Visit to learn how you can show that your credit union matters to you! #myCUmatters

Local Service. Global Good.

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