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Is cash old school? Try these electronic payment methods instead

Is cash old school? Try these electronic payment methods instead

Canada is increasingly becoming a cashless society, relying instead on contactless payments, mobile apps and electronic transfers. These days, we’re much more likely to ‘tap’ than dig around in our pockets or a coin purse for change. Learn the options you have to make payments in our new electronic reality.   In a survey published […]

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From tiny homes to homes that float

Alternative housing: From tiny homes to houses that float

As the cost of housing continues to rise in many parts of Canada, homebuyers are looking for more affordable options. Rather than taking in a renter or listing your home on Airbnb, there are a number of alternative housing options opening up new avenues to homeownership — from co-ops to tiny homes and houseboats. These […]

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Federal Budget

How could the federal budget impact average Canadians?

The 2019 federal budget brings a financial boost to homebuyers, workers and low-income seniors. Here are some important highlights. While the 2019 federal budget may have been overshadowed by other headline-grabbing politics, a healthy majority of Canadians approve of some of the budget’s key policies. This isn’t too surprising, given that there are some considerable […]

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