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winter vacation planning snowbirds

Winter vacation planning for snowbirds

White stuff on the ground already? In the blink of an eye, fall is gone and winter sets in. And with the changing of the seasons, we also see another type of migration — Canadian “snowbirds” flocking to the south. Here are some quick tips to help with your winter vacation planning. Snowbirds are among over half […]

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Manitoba leads the way in community economic development

Manitoba leads the way in Community Economic Development

Local chapter of national CED organization shows how community-driven economics can lead to success. Community economic development (CED) is a movement that’s all about grassroots initiatives intended to create resilient and sustainable local economies.   But often those working to build better communities need a little help making connections or finding their footing. That’s where […]

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Pulford Community Living Services makes social impact a top priority

Pulford Community Living Services makes social impact a top priority

Providing support for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Winnipeg-based Pulford Community Living Services looks ahead to the future — expanding programs, day services and partnerships with fellow community-minded organizations.  Read part one: Winnipeg organization is building independence and a place to call home  “An equal and inclusive world.” The vision of Pulford Community […]

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How to manage your emotions while investing

How to Manage Your Emotions While Investing

Are you new to investing? Or are you a seasoned investing professional? Either way, you’re sure to feel a range of emotions — and you’re not alone. Learn what to expect when investing and how to keep focused on the long-term gains. Along with the incredible excitement of growing our personal wealth, three key emotions […]

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