Assiniboine Board Elections: Exercise Your Right to Vote

strong, responsible and ethical governance of our credit unionAs a member and owner, ACU members have the right to participate in the governance of Assiniboine Credit Union. Each year thousands of our members exercise that right by voting for the members they would like to represent them on the Board of Directors.

Meet the Candidates

Our board is committed to strong, responsible and ethical governance of our credit union. Integral to this commitment is ensuring that we have strong and competent directors who bring a well-rounded mix of skills and experiences and who can help to represent the diversity of members and communities we serve.

This year, four members will be elected to the board.

Leadership that Counts

The board looks for skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • finance
  • community development/social inclusion
  • human resources
  • co-operatives/credit unions
  • community involvement
  • management/ leadership

In addition, the board wishes to be representative of the communities we serve. We strive for gender balance, ethnic and cultural diversity, and diversity of age and lifestyle.

Candidate Endorsement

Integral to our endorsement process is an annual review of the composition of the board against the board-approved ideal skills, experiences and diversity to identify gaps on the board. With the approval of the board, the Nominating Committee then seeks strong candidates to fill the identified gaps and recommends them to the board for endorsement.

In 2014, to increase diversity on the board, the Nominating Committee looked for strong candidates who were:

  • Women
  • People of colour
  • Aboriginal
  • Young to middle adulthood (age 25-40)
  • Raising a family
  • Mid-career

Fair Process

To ensure a fair endorsement process, the Nominating Committee developed interview questions and assessment tools using the ideal board composition. Candidates were asked the same prepared questions and were assessed using these tools.

The Nominating Committee then made a recommendation to the board on candidate endorsement. This year, five eligible members put their names forward as candidates. The board has endorsed all five as strong candidates with skills and experience who fill identified gaps.

Members have the option of voting online or by mail-in ballot, though online is strongly recommended.

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