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cyber attacks during covid-19

Protect yourself from cyberattacks during COVID-19

Learn how fraudsters have targeted the CRA and other organizations during the pandemic, and how to protect yourself online.   While cyberattacks are as old as the Internet itself, they’ve been particularly prevalent during COVID-19 as criminals seek to take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities. The Canada Revenue Agency, for example, was the target of a […]

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COVID-19: What emergency funds are available for you and your family?

As COVID-19 causes uncertainty about our future and the province declares a state of emergency, many Manitobans are still trying to grapple with this new reality. In these challenging times, many people including those who’ve lost their job, been temporarily laid off or are in self-isolation could be facing sudden and unexpected financial stress. While […]

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Ready for digital investing? These 2 tools are your gateway

For those interested in upping their investing game, the digital world offers new opportunities to grow wealth — some of which can be relatively quick, easy and even at a lower cost than traditional methods. But investing online can still seem intimidating. The key is finding the right tool for the right person.   Who […]

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Is cash old school? Try these electronic payment methods instead

Is cash old school? Try these electronic payment methods instead

Canada is increasingly becoming a cashless society, relying instead on contactless payments, mobile apps and electronic transfers. These days, we’re much more likely to ‘tap’ than dig around in our pockets or a coin purse for change. Learn the options you have to make payments in our new electronic reality.   In a survey published […]

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