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So you're thinking of starting a small business

Resources for starting a small business

So you’re thinking of starting a small business. No doubt you have plenty of questions running through your mind. Many of you will turn to “Small Business for Dummies” or similar publications for some sense of direction. No problem with that as you should explore all avenues of information and discovery if contemplating taking such […]

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Get the most from your Assiniboine Credit Union MasterCard

How to Get the Most from Your Credit Card Benefits

When used properly, credit cards can save you time and money, while providing attractive rewards that increase with your spending. And making required payments can improve your credit rating. For people who grew up in a “save first” culture, or for those that have experienced challenges with using too much credit in the past, credit […]

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Assiniboine Employees Make a United Way Difference

Assiniboine Employees Make a United Way Difference

It’s no secret that Assiniboine Credit Union is committed to giving back to the community. And it’s no surprise that its employees share this commitment. Every year, employees are provided with opportunities to volunteer and fundraise for various organizations. Our biggest fundraiser is our annual United Way campaign which is organized and executed entirely by our dedicated employees. […]

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