Assiniboine’s “Green Actions”

ACU Green Actions Assiniboine Credit Union has been encouraging its employees to be green and active commuters since 2009. Over that time we’ve seen a remarkable shift in how people get to and from work. In 2009, approximately two-thirds of our employees were drive-alone commuters. In 2014, 51% of employees drove alone to work. That’s a reduction of 16% drive-alone commuters in six years!

By the Numbers: ACU Green and Active Commuting

Getting Greener All the Time!

Our employees have embraced transit, carpooling, cycling, walking and running as viable alternatives to sitting alone in their cars day after day. They know green and active commuting promotes health, financial and environmental benefits.

ACU supports green and active commuting by:

  • Putting showers and lockers for employees that run, walk or cycle to work in our new branches and our head office;
  • Participating in the Winnipeg Transit EcoPass program to provide a 30% discount on monthly passes for employees. In 2014, an average of 110 employees purchased bus passes each month through the EcoPass program;
  • Participating in and sponsoring green and active commuting events like the Jack Frost Challenge (this year five ACU employees completed 220 kilometers of winter activities over seven days for an 8th place finish) and the Commuter Challenge and Bike Week Winnipeg;
  • Placing bike racks at all our branches;
  • Locating branches and head office near bus routes;
  • Providing green and active commuting information to employees and sharing success stories;
  • Encouraging employees to car pool or ride share; and
  • Conducting annual employee commuting surveys in order to understand employee commuting practices, barriers and opportunities, and environmental impacts.

Green Action Centre

If you are interested in encouraging green and active commuting at your workplace or business, turn to the experts at the Green Action Centre. ACU relied on their expertise and resources to help build our commuter friendly work environment.

Creating a more commuter-friendly and active workplace has long been the goal of Green Action Centre. It’s why the non-profit hub for greener living in Manitoba is once again offering its popular, free series of training workshops for Workplace Commuting Ambassadors.

Workshops are geared towards individuals who want to support their co-workers to bike, bus, walk or carpool to work.  Workplaces are encouraged to send either the individual responsible for human resources or sustainability, or a champion in their organization who will take the lead on Active and Green commuting options.

The workshops will increase knowledge, answer questions and grow a workplace’s toolkit of resources for sustainability.

Upcoming Green Workshops

Three workshops are being offered by the Green Action Centre:

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 1pm — 4pm
    Become a Commuting Ambassador at your workplace! Get the tools and guidance to support your co-workers to get the most out of their commutes. From a basic primer on different types of bike infrastructure to transit tools, such as Navigo, BUStxt and transit apps, to understanding carpooling vs. carsharing.
    Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 1pm — 4pm
    Understanding how your co-workers currently get around will help inform your next steps. This workshop will help you understand the purpose and benefits of employee commuting surveys to determine existing travel habits and what programs, policies or incentives could have the biggest impact on commuting choices at your workplace.
    Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 1pm — 4pm
    Do you want to sing the praises of creative commuting with your co-workers but no one seems to be listening? Explore the many facets of behaviour change from a social marketing, transitions and systems perspective. Walk away with some strategies you can apply to create a more commuter friendly and active workplace.

All workshops are held in the EcoCentre boardroom, located at 303 Portage Avenue, on the third floor.

Registration is now open.

Simply email or call 204-925-3772.

Green Action CentreYou can learn more about active and green transportation on the Green Action Centre website. Green Action Centre is celebrating 30 years as a non-profit hub for greener living in Manitoba.


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