Announcing ACU Sustainable Organization Grants

Announcing ACU Sustainable Organization Grants

Anyone who has managed a non-profit knows that the work can be very satisfying, but also frustrating. Does this sound familiar?

Your computer is old, runs slowly, and keeps crashing. Your office furniture is even older and your chair gives you a backache. Employees are enthusiastic but inexperienced and there is no training budget to help with their professional development. Your website is an embarrassment. Your display materials look like they were made by a 6th grader for a science fair. You are all busy and can’t find the time to step away from day–to-day issues to consider your organization’s role and plan for the future. And where would you find the funds to do that anyway? Your donors and funders want their dollars to be allocated to programming, not to “administration”.

We want to help!
The ACU Sustainable Organization Grants Program will provide funding of up to $5,000 towards:
•    Equipment
•    Planning
•    Public Awareness
•    Professional Development

We know that creating solutions for the complex challenges in our communities is significantly limited without the proper capabilities, the communication tools, the basic equipment, and effective engagement and planning processes. So after consultations with community organizations and other funders, ACU is refocusing its community grants program to support organizational sustainability. In doing so, we will continue to help the marginalized members of our community; invest in community organizations that create positive solutions to environmental concerns; and develop co-ops and social enterprises.

For more information and application forms click here

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