3 ways ACU can help you get into your perfect home

No matter what your dream might be; a mortgage or personal loan from ACU can help get you there. Talk to us today.

No matter what your dream might be; a mortgage or personal loan from ACU can help get you there.

When you’re looking for your perfect home, the perfect mortgage goes right along with it. Financing from ACU is just the first step toward your moving day. You might be looking to buy your first house or maybe you’re upgrading to a different home, or perhaps you want to stay put and improve the home you’re in. Whatever the reason, you know it’s going to involve big financial decisions.

We have the experts who can give you professional financial advice and planning tips that will help you during this very important time. By assessing your financial situation and taking into account future needs, our mortgage experts will work with you to set up the plan that will best suit your needs.

What are you dreaming of a new kitchen?

ACU has three ways to help you get into your perfect home:

1. Pre-approvals.
If you’re getting into a different home, getting pre-approved for a mortgage will help. There’s no cost for a pre-approved mortgage and you’ll be under no obligation once approved. Plus, you’ll get a 90-day guarantee on our competitive rates and the advice needed to make your house a home. If the rates go down during that time, you’ll get the lower rate. An ACU pre-approved mortgage buys you peace of mind so you can focus on finding a place that’s right for you. And with the largest branch network in Manitoba you’ll find us close at hand. So call for an appointment… then get packing.

2. Upgrading your home.
It’s time to get into that home you’ve always dreamed of. You’ve outgrown your starter home and need more space. Or maybe it’s time to move to that neighbourhood you’ve always dreamed about. Whatever your reason, we have many flexible mortgage options for you. So if you decide to build new or buy existing, we can get you in your home sooner.

couple deciding on how to feel at home with a mortgage or renovation loan from Assiniboine Credit Union

3. Renovation loan.
It only takes a little imagination to realize that with a few upgrades and a coat of paint, you may already be in the house you’ve always wanted. If you have designs on renovating your current space to freshen up or fit your changing needs, now’s the time to make it happen. Whether you imagine a new kitchen, bathroom, deck or sunroom, or you’re finally planning that new addition — home renovation projects can add to the value of your investment and make your home-life even more enjoyable. Talk to us about an ACU line of credit or a loan to make your renovation dreams a reality.

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